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Thur Aug 12, 2010
I can’t believe that the Big Boss wouldn’t spring for Celebration V tickets. I’m at a total loss… I figure with airfare from Cali, hotel, car rental, some free Star Wars schwag to wear, and time off… it would have only cost him $2,500. What a cheapskate, hahahaha. I’m sure lots of you guys are stoked about the Florida Star Wars celebration especially since this year marks 30 years of Empire, the best of all the Star Wars films. Our small vintage rations of Empire stuff is running out quickly so if you were thinking about purchasing some it AS Christmas gifts you better g’it on it haas! You might also want to check out the new Gentle Giant 12” retro Kenner line, because it’s awesome. Check out this link to a Celebration V exclusive for the retro 12” Fett. Don’t be fooled by the detailed sculpt… that thing is not the original toyline, 21 back… it is actually a 12” one sixth scale figure! At least the Big Boss got his connections to pick us up three or four of them. I got mine… got yours? EMPIRE STRIKES BACK ROCKS -ZOD
Wed Sept 15, 2010
What happened to summer?! Apparently, according to doctorate degree specialists, this has been the mildest summer in the South Bay since 1937. I’m not certain that we can believe this, but here at AR we haven’t used the central AC in the office all month. And there must be at least 20% less bikinis wandering the pier due to inclement weather. This surely is a sad day for ‘strange.’ So I would like to formally request God to please help us reach our “bikini-hottie-halter-top” quota by allowing the sun to come out and play. And in more important news we’re almost ready for Halloween. Check the site carefully for all the new items you can use to help accentuate your killer costumes. We ‘gots the goods! Yeah boyee! Just let us know if you need any custom work, as we’ll be more than happy to accommodate your unique colorway and wildest combination in order to help match your costumes. However, I must say that there is no costume better than a simple classic pair of Star Wars pajamas accentuated by a pair of roughneck cowboy boots… topless of course… guys or girls… you’ll get noticed for sure. "EMPIRE STRIKES BACK ROCKS" -ZOD
Mon Oct 4, 2010
I can’t believe that it’s fall already. Apparently God answered our prayers and gave us a few extra days of summer, and we appreciate. It finally felt like summer break this past week, and it felt good. Moreover, it looked awesome! I love me some ‘kinis. Thank you God. And now it is time for Halloween so all you ladies should get your floss ready to rock. We’re jamming here at AR and making all kinds of custom orders, so if you’re in need of anything specific don’t be afraid to ask. And thanks again to “Doug” for the info about that 70’s moto-x rider. We sent you out a few free tees as we always appreciate feedback from our fans. I must take a minute and apologize for my lack of updates as of recently, I’ve been answering a lot of more personal emails and working with customer support to help a slew of personal shoppers find the right duds for their clients. And now I’m off to watch Jersey Shore. I’m backed up a few episodes and need to see if Angelina gets her ass kicked by “The Situation.” That dude is a freakin’ meatball, but he’s hilarious. Later skaters… and send in some Halloween pics, and if we use them on the site I’ll send you a few free American Ringer tees. Rock out and Rock on with AR Clothing Co. HALLOWEEN FRIENDLY -Zod
Thur Oct 21, 2010
What’s cooking good lookin?! Halloween is right around the corner but we’re already thinking Christmas. Yeah boyeee… start shopping early because the great USA is on a rebound and this promises to be one of the best holiday seasons this decade! After our owner Big Boss celebrated his 10-10-10 birthday he put EVERYTHING in our entire store on sale! Get what you want now before stuff starts selling out, and as you already know we can’t replace our premium 30-year-old stock. A few high revving RPMS to keep your eyes on are the original Star War Hildebrandt shirts and the ESB Luke on Taun Taun prints… they’ll be gone soon so get what you can while you still can get. And if we can help with your sexy almost nothing outfits for Halloween just let us know and we’ll try and hook you up. ROCK OUT AND ROCK ON –GENERAL ZOD
Wed Nov 24, 2010
D-Day Turkey Day is finally here! I can’t wait for this weekend. I’m sure everyone will start feasting on Turkey Eve and jam delicious, yummy foods straight through till Sunday night. Apparently the night before Turkey Day and Turkey Day evening are huge drinking nights. I can’t imagine going out to party after eating all that food… or moreover, be expected to eat after partying all night. I hereby devote myself to nothing but eating for the next four days. I hate even thinking about going to the gym this Monday, but it must be done. I will start the festivities with eating a whole homemade pecan pie tonight while watching the latest episode of Survivor. And don’t forget to set your DVRs to record the Thanksgiving Day Parade… one of the best live events to happen all year. Oh, and check out some of the cool new items on the site after all I think that is what I’m supposed to write about anyway. We’re shipping daily and sometimes twice a day right now to make sure you receive your goods with plenty of time for the holidays. TURKEY LOVER- GENERAL ZOD
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