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Mon April 26, 2010
So most of us at American Ringer Clothing Co. just got back from Stagecoach Country Music Festival in Indio California. One word… AWESOME! I can’t tell you how great camping outdoors with cowboys and cowgirls was… AWESOME! Moreover, I can’t think of anything sexier than a size two brunette whiskey girl sporting a stars and bars bikini along with a straw hat and cowboy boots… dear oh dear… AWESOME! There was tons of beer, booze, and baby dolls. We went strong and partied every day and passed out every night. One word… AWESOME! And the music was amazing. The line-up was unbelievable including everyone from Keith Urban and Sugarland to Merle Haggard and The Oak Ridge Boys. I can’t tell you how cool it was to see Merle Haggard perform. That man is a living legend. The weekend closed out with Toby Keith. Hot damn can that man put on a show, AWESOME! His live performance was so totally charismatic and touching that it would be worth your time to see him rock this summer at Universal. He can make even a hip-hop groupie turn country. Yeeee-haw and rock on! Oh, and about a dozen of us were rocking custom American Ringer shirts; Waylon Jennings, Dukes, Willie, and a bunch more… AWESOME! I wish I brought more tees to give away as the baby dolls were lining up to get some free schwaaaag! ROCK OUT AND ROCK ON -ZODMEISTER HIGHWAYMAN
Wed May 13, 2010
Blah, blah, blah Iron Man 2 is dope… O.K. I believe everyone, but one small request… Stop asking me for Iron Man shirts. We don’t have any, as he wasn’t the most popular 70’s Superhero around so no vintage prints were ever made of him. Yeah, I know you can get the stuff at Target or Wal-Mart or Macy’s but can you get a 70’s tee rocking a transformation scene of a sideburn sporting Bruce Banner turning into the Hulk at those places? I think not, so check out what superheroes we do currently have and make sure to snag your Thor tees before they sell out. This vintage stuff doesn’t last forever and once it is gone there are no more cracks or crevices in this universe for us to find more. I think I’ll see Iron Man this weekend while wearing a Captain America shirt from our vintage stock. After all what better hero to sport than the very first Avenger? Cruise through the site and choose wisely for the summer blockbusters are upon us! LATER SKATERS –MOVIE LOVING ZOD
Tues June 1, 2010
Living the dream at American Ringer Clothing Co. and totally set for summer! I usually rock some of our more obscure Rock or Movie tees when I’m down in Hermosa or Manhattan… and boy do I get attention. Then again it might also be because of my mullet and chops combo! Whooo-eeee it is hard goshdamn work making something this pretty look so ugly! Especially when adorned with American Ringer rarities. I hate to say but we’re all sold out of Avenger stuff with the exception of a few minty, mint-mint Thor and Hulk tees. You should get yours now so you can wear it to the A-Team premier! I really hope a 21 Jumpstreet movie is released soon, now that would be something sweet. Rock out and rock on with AR all night long! –GENERAL ZOD
Sun July 4, 2010
Happy Fourth! We would love to take a moment and wish all of you red-blooded Americans a great holiday season. Raise up your glasses for a toast… whiskey for our friends and beer for our horses. While you are out drinking and Q’ing don’t forget to say a prayer for all of our friends and family in foreign lands defending freedom and protecting our country. The 4th means so much more to us than just partying. Although anyone who knows American Ringer can attest to the fact that we loooove to party, we always think good thoughts for the brave soldiers that are away from their loved ones and homes while we’re enjoying our freedom. Be safe and have a great weekend, but most of all remember why we celebrate the Fourth, and it ain’t simply to see well endowed chicks rocking Dixie and Stars and Bars bikini tops, although that always puts a smile on my face. Stay healthy and be good. –ZOD THE THANKFUL
Sat July 31, 2010
I can’t even believe that a headliner like Trace Adkins opened for Toby last night, but boy was I thankful. What an amazing show, I loved every minute of it. Trace did an awesome cover of Foreigner’s “Dirty White Boy,” that I’m still trying to find a clean digital copy online. I need to blast that didee in my truck while driving to work in the morning. Toby Keith is so charismatic it’s unbelievable. I was wondering if anyone else noticed that all of the trucks that were in the backdrop to Trace’s videos were all Chevys! Meanwhile Toby couldn’t say enough about Fords and even came onstage in the bed of a Ford F-150! I cannot even begin to tell you how that worked, but it looked awesome! I must say that I got my moneys worth for sure and more than thoroughly enjoyed the show. I even got to wear one of my American Ringer vintage Willie Nelson tees. I got about a million comments on it and was offered more weed than any one person could humanly inhale. If you get a chance to see the show, do it! You won’t be sorry! GOOD ‘OL BOY ZOD
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