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General Zod's Newsletter
Mon March 7, 2011
March already and it’s awesome! This past weekend was amazing including an eighty five degree Saturday here in So. Califonia. If that was any representation as to what type of summer we are going to have we’re in for a dusy! American Ringer tees were spotted all over Hermosa and Manhattan Beach. Get your favorite tees while you can because we’re continuosly selling out of our extremely limited vintage goods, but always updating with new schwag setting fashion trends. The site is loaded with sweet-tees that will get you lots of attention. Moreover, you’ll never have to worry about running into friends wearing the same stuff… for real. Just try wearing one of our authentic Star Wars or Farrah prints and conversations will find you! Rock out and rock on with American Ringer Clothing Company and have a great and safe summer… oh yeah an don’t forget to hit the gym before rocking those g-string bikinis! ZODMEISTER Z.
Tues Feb 15, 2011
Oh dear God, the day of reckoning has finally come and gone. I offer two personal horror stories about Valentine’s Day… on second thought I would rather not cry again… sooooo… a free tee to the best V-Day D-Day horror tale! I want the juice, I want the yucky details, I want it all! Just drop me an email and the best story will receive fame, fortune, and notoriety via General Zod’s newsletter, and I’ll toss in a free shirt to make the pill go down a little easier. Let’s keep it relatively ‘PG’ kids, but try and be more creative than having a date that stands you up… like a 4 year long girlfriend that gives her two week notice in the form of a burnt bundt cake with a post-it on top! Now that stuff gets some points. DRY THOSE SALTY LITTLE TEARS –GENERAL ZOD
Thur Jan 20, 2011
Ok then… in an effort to answer all of the weird emails I keep getting about that little Polaroid picture on the homepage that contains the dolls… ooops! I mean “action figure,” hahaha… the picture was something the art department used after getting hold of a snapshot containing some of Big Boss’s Mego collection. I guess they are hard to find superheroes from the 70’s. I’ve seen some of them and they look kinda cool, but they all look so new that it is hard to believe they are 30 plus years old. At any rate, they are NOT for sale and you can’t have more pictures of them. They don’t belong to me as I do not collect toys, I only collect ex-girlfriends. I just know I would have never expected a playboy like Big Boss to have such a desired toy collection… it is like the 30 year old virgin movie except the Boss is a god… or at least a demi-god… maybe simply half mortal/ half god… now that I think about it he might just be a really cool mortal. If you think his toys are weird, than you should see his real life muscle car collection. Yeah boyeee, now that is more my style! If you are reading this Big Boss please let me drive the RoadRunner, PLEASE… I promise not to park it too close to anything… PLEASE! –PEACE, GENERAL ZOD
Mon Jan 3, 2011
We at American Ringer Clothing Co. wish everyone a happy and healthy 2011. Please be mindful of your surroundings to make this the best year ever! If we all just try a little harder to be kinder to our peers, a little gentler to our loved ones, and a whole lot more respectful to our environment we can make this the best year… ever; especially since 2012 is supposed to be the end of the world. Oh well, at least you’ll look really cool sporting unique AR threads when the polar bears eat your face. ROCK OUT AND ROCK ON – GENERAL ZOD THE PHILANPHROPIST
Tues Dec 28, 2010
Happy holidays! We hope y’all had a very Merry Christmas and perhaps even an extra day off from work. American Ringer is still hooking up all our customers with sweet treats and unique collectibles. Try using some of your Christmas loot to purchase a rare vintage couture tee that will get you lots of attention. Yes, it’s true… even if you don’t want it you’ll get lots of looks just for wearing one of our tees, especially since you can only get them from us! Now that we made it through Merry Merry make sure to make your New Year and alternate plans ASAP. Hiring a limo is probably the best way to go unless you have one of those rare party friends that is XXX or recently sober… few and far between but worth their weight in Goldschlager for sure. We’ll be around all week but printing doesn’t begin again until after the New Year. Stay healthy and eat lots. –GENERAL ZOD
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