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General Zod's Newsletter
Thurs May 31, 2012
One word… Avengers! Another word… Awesome! This is just about the best thing to surface since sliced sushi. The cast is amazing and acting top notch. I must say the Mark Ruffalo and the Hulk were standouts. The comic spin and character persona that the Hulk received in this flick by far surpassed the first two Hulk solo films. I know America is now waiting for the next Hulk movie. Josh Whedon did an awesome job directing. His attention to detail and tiny Easter eggs keeps you guessing and thinking. All in all the great General Zod has seen it 3 times in IMAX 3D and twice in REAL 3D. If you have only seen this film once you may want to see it again, and make sure to watch both secret endings. I won’t spoil it for the late comers but the final ending is really hilarious. Another month another movie… can’t wait for Batman and Spiderman and Superman and Prometheus! STAY CHILLY –General ZOD the MAN of STEEL
Thurs May 3, 2012
Blah, blah, blah Avengers is dope… O.K. I believe everyone, but one small request… Stop asking me for Iron Man shirts. We don’t have any, as he wasn’t the most popular 70’s Superhero around so no vintage prints were ever made of him. Yeah, I know you can get the stuff at Target or Wal-Mart or Macy’s but can you get a 70’s tee rocking a transformation scene of a sideburn sporting Bruce Banner turning into the Hulk at those places? I think not, so check out what superheroes we do currently have and make sure to snag your Thor and Cap and Hulk tees before they sell out. This vintage stuff doesn’t last forever and once it is gone there are no more cracks or crevices in this universe for us to find more. I think I’ll see Avengers tonigh while wearing a Captain America shirt from our vintage stock. After all, what better hero to sport than the very first Avenger? Cruise through the site and choose wisely for the summer blockbusters are upon us! LATER SKATERS –MOVIE LOVING ZOD
Tues April 10, 2012
Is it true? Can it be possible? Yes the rumors are all true, well most of them at least. I’ll answer all of your pestering emails in one short sentence. We did unveil a few new boxes of original Star Wars prints and it did contain a few Jack Kirby Captain America prints that were previously considered sold out. First things first… we have the world’s largest supply of unused vintage heat transfers and we are constantly referencing and opening new boxes from our warehouse. Do we buy vintage iron-ons? Yes, of course… we don’t ‘trade’ with customers, we don’t demand samples and force you to try and print them… we only ask you give us a few jpegs, tell us the quantity available, and give us your asking price… and if we can make a deal… we will! We pay with bank transfer, Paypal, and on occasion have been known to personally deliver cashier checks when inspecting and picking up the goods. And now back to the good news. We already have the greatest collection of vintage Star Wars shirts available and Adidas is still crying about the IPR’s they can’t obtain! However, we must admit that the new Adidas Darth Vader hoodie looks sick with one of our vintage Vader shirts, ‘enough said… we finally unboxed some Leia prints! You can please stop asking and now all you’ll have to do is wait. These are 1977 ANH Factor's prints featuring a very young Carrie Fisher dressed in her infamous princess garb while holding a Stormtrooper rifle! Yeah, I know… sick! We’ll release them in the not so distant future, but expect them to sell out very quickly so make sure and have your browsers continually on refresh! Maybe if you email me nicely I’ll try and sneak you out one early. And now for the news about the Kirby Cap shirts… they’ll be out well before the AVENGERS movie and they'll certainly be worth your wait... so hold on! PEACE OUT –GENERAL ZOD THE NEWSWORTHY & SLIGHTLY AMBIGUOUS
Fri March 23, 2012
Alight, the “Clash of the Titans” iron-ons are now 100% sold out. Unfortunately the new film has made them almost as popular as our Star Wars tees. What? Yeah, you’re right… can anything be as popular as Star Wars? Jeesh, three decades later and we still can’t keep those things in stock. However, we can’t wait to see the new sequel… “Wrath of the Titans!” We do however have a few “Marvel Thor” and amazing "Amazing Hulk" shirts that you should ‘git on’ ASAP before the release of the new Avengers movie. The good ‘ol General Zod can’t wait for Thor, Cap, Hulk, Iron Man, and Hawkeye to share the same Imax screen. I’m actually stoked about Chris Evans signing on for nine; count them folks, nine Captain America films. We have heard from a few dependable sources that Mr. Evans is a super cool dude. Yes, dependable sources including a few very hot women say that he is not only a gentleman but also an all around, all American nice guy. This we like, and so we’re huge fans of the upcoming films. We hope that you all are dipping your eggs and coloring your tobacco for Easter. I can’t wait to have some candied ham and caramelized bacon, time for my sugar buzz. ROCK OUT AND ROCK ON –GENERAL ZOD THE KIND
Thur March 1, 2012
Welcome to the new month and enjoy the dozens of new vintage prints that our data dudes have listed. In honor of this fine month filled with leprechauns and green beer I begin this dreary Monday with posting the winner from the “V-day D-Day” disaster contest. Not only does ‘Doug’ get a free tee but he also gets published. Ah, yes Doug, this is your month. If I could send a green beer via USPS Priority boxed airmail to Dallas I would. In the words of Doug: “…so it was the worsest Valentimes Day ever. I have been seeing a girl named Jennifer for about a month now and things were pretty good. I liked her but was still hooking up with a girl from work also named Jennifer. She was nothing just a hook up. So I planned a special date for my girlfriend with all the fix’ns. I was keepin it all mysterious and sexy like. I even left a sweet and sexy voice message on her cell phone to tell her about our special meeting at my house. I had it all planned with a homemade dinner, bottled wine, a rose, candy, and a puppy dog I bought the other day. I like the dog. She’s my buddy. So when my girlfriend don’t show up for ten minutes I leave her a quick message on the machine asking where she was and that I was waiting with her with her special Valentimes Day presents. Oh, I forgot the best part. I was waiting naked wearing only cowboy boots. Truth. So a few minutes later my girlfriend arrives and is so excited to see how much I care, until one minute later Jennifer my hook up from the bar also arrives. I think the last message I made was to the wrong Jennifer. To make a long story short I ate dinner naked by myself and now have a new puppy named, yep, Jennifer. She’s a good ‘ol girl and give me no grief.” Wow Doug, the story’s plot is so remedial that the simplicity is simply striking. One free shirt… or should we send you some pants? ALWAYS REMEMBER TO LAUGH AT OTHERS, -GENERAL ZOD
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