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General Zod's Newsletter
Thur Nov 28, 2013
All of us at American Ringer Clothing Co. would like to take a quick minute to wish everyone everywhere a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving. Eat lots of turkey and drink lots of wine and watch Rankin/Bass Christmas specials all day long. However, please take a moment and consider all of our troops and less fortunate Americans that are not and cannot be with their families or enjoy the holidays during this thankful season. Say a prayer and think good thoughts for the less fortunate. Now let’s get ready to rumble! –GENERAL ZOD
Mon Nov 18, 2013
I don’t know what I’m more excited to do… eat or open presents. Hmmmm… in light of the slow economy I’ll have to venture and say that Thanksgiving is slightly more exciting this year than Christmas… YEAH RIGHT! I’ll be eating turkey and sweet potatoes while listening to Bing Crosby and watching football! If you think the stores are slow this year don’t even bother to go shopping while your tummy is full, just sit back and cruise around American Ringer. We have tons of new stuff and our holiday sale is already underway. If you can’t find what you are looking for than just drop our customer support an email or suggestion. And better make sure to get your GI Joe, Jaws, A-Team, Superhero, and Star Wars stuff early this year as lots of it will sell out before Christmas! Rock out and rock on with style… American Ringer style! –PEACE, GENERAL ZOD
Wed Oct 30, 2013
Oh no it’s already Halloween and I don’t even have my costume picked out yet… been there, done that… ah shite! I’m going camping with some buddies and we’re taking a bunch of 250’s to explore. Although I love the South Bay for the holidays, and Zod the good 'ol boy sure does love the under dressed over intoxicated hotties, I think I’ll pass the tricks this year and my treat will be actually remembering the entire week! Besides, there is nothing cooler than motorbikes in the desert, filets on the grill, and a cooler full of cheap beers and low carb Rockstar! Except, maybe the hotties coming along with us... stay tuned my little kiddies... stay tuned... However, make sure to send us your Halloween pics in order to win a little bit of fame, glory, and one damn cool free t-shirt! ROCK OUT AND ROCK ON –GENERAL ZOD
Fri Oct 15, 2013
Woah, woah, wow! Halloween is almost here and nobody loves this pagan holiday more than your very own General Zod. I recognize this special day as a wonderful time of year to watch “It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and Mad Monster Party” while preparing to go out for the evening’s festivities. I must admit that I’m drawn to the wonderful costumes that all the ladies don’t wear down by Hermosa Pier. I’ve never seen so little clothing be considered an intricate costume, but who can complain? In honor of this candy eating, neighbor scaring, pumpkin bashing holiday I’ll have shipping include a free treat with every website order made before the end of the month and all you have to do is email me saying, “Hey Zod! I ordered something so give me my damn treat you loveable monkey!” Now isn’t that simple? And I must add that if you haven’t seen “Frankenweenie!” go and see it. Now that is one scary flick! Hahaha... I haven’t slept alone for a week… oh, wait… the great Zod never has to sleep alone… oh yeah… “Toot, toot!” That would be my horn you’re hearing. LATER SKATERS –GENERAL ZOD
Fri Oct 5, 2012
Check out the ROCK CATEGORY!!! The data-dudes must have been jamming Red Bulls and Monsters all week because when I clocked in this morning I noticed about a hundred new shirts listed in the Rock section. WOW! I’ve already called down to the shop to have them put aside a Bruce shirt for me. I’ve never seen that print and I know my boys in Jersey will get a kick out of it when they come out to visit me in Cali. Cruise through the site and start finding some Christmas items, as I know a lot of this stuff will sell out quickly. So is anyone even going to see that new G.I. Joe movie? Damn… they should change the title; maybe this way the audience won’t expect to see an actual sequel after the first shits they launched. ROCK OUT AND ROCK ON! –GENERAL ZOD
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