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General Zod's Newsletter
Mon Sept 28, 2009
Woah! The ACTION SPORTS SECTION is amazing and the data dudes are still adding new products daily. I’m beginning to thing that D&D (data dudes, a.k.a. Bert & Ernie, really Matt and Chris) have absolutely no life. I only ever see them working and moreover, offering Big Boss to work from home as well. I almost feel guilty taking an extra fifteen minutes on my paid lunch hour to skate the strand and get Pita Pit…. But not that guilty! In other news Big Boss is gone for the weekend and that makes me temporary King of the Castle, not really but nobody will know if I leave early. His little brother is getting married this weekend so I guess a shout out is in order… “CONGRATULATIONS NICHOLAS AND SARAH!” You are both in for a world of relationship retardation. It seems that now you are legally bound to put up with each other forever. Wow… that institution should be closed. At any rate, Big Boss has given everyone off tomorrow and Monday making it the best four-day weekend I have had since the fourth of July. God Bless America, and God Bless American Ringer Clothing Co. –PEACE MY PETS, GENERAL ZOD
Wed Sept 16, 2009
It dropped! Check out the six categories the “data-dudes” just dropped. They’re filling them up one at a time and I noticed the Motorcycle section getting ‘worked’ today. They even added a few Harley-Davidson prints. If you have a particular affinity for vintage Harley threads you should place your orders asap as that stuff sells out super fast. I’m off to buy a copy of Wolverine, see ‘ya suckas! –PEACE OUT, ZOD
Mon Sept 14, 2009
Wow!!  We're up and live.  Make sure to continually check out our new site, as we have added dozens of new shirts for our total web makeover. We're constantly updating the new American Ringer Clothing Co. web shop to increase products, categories, and special events! Don’t forget to buy American, as we all need to help out our economy. I’m off to run some errands for Big Boss. ROCK OUT AND ROCK ON –GENERAL ZOD
Fri Aug 21, 2009
Omg, omg, omg~! Yes this new site does kick ass. And yes the sale prices will continue until either the economy changes drastically for the better or the cows come home. We’re stoked to offer you even more savings on EVEN MORE cool stuff! If you find something on our old site that you love and it is not yet listed on the new site just drop us an email and I’ll make certain that the web dudes contact you personally about availability. Please know that the site is constantly being updated with dozens of new items so check back often. Unfortunately some of this stuff sells out within days of us listing it. It’s not like Christmas is right around the corner but you might as well shop early to avoid being disappointed by sold out inventory. Rock out and rock on with AmericanRinger.com –GENERAL ZOD
Wed Aug 12, 2009
What?!? Big Boss has lost him mind again and I think I love him! He’s hooked up all his AR associates with what he calls “super sweet stipends smoochees!” We’re basically getting another hundred bucks to spend on anything American! He made everyone actually promise that they’ll spend their Franklins on something American. I think I get it… Big Boss is saying that the only way for us to help each other is for us to ‘help each other!’ This guy is a freaking genius! I love him! Needless to say most of my dineros are going towards good ‘ol fashioned USA microbrews and Jack Daniel’s whiskey. God Bless America and everyone one of its citizens! Oh and to pass the savings onto you just I’ll give anyone who emails me directly this weekend twenty percent off their order. Just shoot me an email after you order and if your purchase was before midnight Sunday I’ll have the cutie accountant in charge of charge backs hook you up with a 20% refund! Yep… the Zodmeister is on his game! –ROCK OUT AND ROCK ON, GENERAL ZOD
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