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Mon May 9, 2011
Blah, blah, blah THOR is dope… O.K. I believe everyone, but one small request… Stop asking me for THOR shirts. We don’t have many, as he wasn’t the most popular 70’s Superhero around so not many vintage prints were ever made of him. Yeah, I know you can get the stuff at Target or Wal-Mart or Macy’s but can you get a 70’s tee rocking a transformation scene of a sideburn sporting Bruce Banner turning into the Hulk at those places? I think not, so check out what superheroes we do currently have and make sure to snag your Thor tees before they sell out. This vintage stuff doesn’t last forever and once it is gone there are no more cracks or crevices in this universe for us to find more. I think I’ll see Thor this weekend while wearing a Captain America shirt from our vintage stock. After all what better hero to sport than the very first Avenger? Cruise through the site and choose wisely for the summer blockbusters are upon us! LATER SKATERS –MOVIE LOVING ZOD