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Fri April 1, 2011
We’re so excited about the new Cap movie. I must admit that Zod do love me some superheroes. Big Boss has a sealed copy of the 90’s Captain America on VHS and a sweet bootleg of the ’79 Cap on Bluray. I’ve seen both but can’t wait for the new version as it looks awesome. I’m only sad that I can’t watch the second and third installments right after the first film! Unfortunately we’ve almost sold out of Captain America prints so get yours while you still can. I’m also stoked about the Thor film releasing next month. Big Boss has five AFA graded boxed and carded Mego Thors sitting on his desk. I guess AFA is strict because his 90 looks about perfect and although rates the highest in the world he is still on the lookout for a 95… so if you happen to have one we would love to buy it from you. I’m well aware that it might be a few thousand but I’m sure we can find it in our budget. Besides it would make a great gift since the Big Guy’s birthday is right around the corner. Oh and check out the sweet Thor shirts we have on the chopping block. The artwork is awesome and no other company could get them to work… the magicians in the print shop worked their magic just to bring them to you before the premiere. Enjoy the weekend as it appears to be 89 degrees here in So. Cal. and definitely naked weather. Rock out and rock on with American Ringer! –GENERAL ZOD THE LOVER OF ALL THINGS THOR AND CAP!