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Tues Feb 15, 2011
Oh dear God, the day of reckoning has finally come and gone. I offer two personal horror stories about Valentine’s Day… on second thought I would rather not cry again… sooooo… a free tee to the best V-Day D-Day horror tale! I want the juice, I want the yucky details, I want it all! Just drop me an email and the best story will receive fame, fortune, and notoriety via General Zod’s newsletter, and I’ll toss in a free shirt to make the pill go down a little easier. Let’s keep it relatively ‘PG’ kids, but try and be more creative than having a date that stands you up… like a 4 year long girlfriend that gives her two week notice in the form of a burnt bundt cake with a post-it on top! Now that stuff gets some points. DRY THOSE SALTY LITTLE TEARS –GENERAL ZOD