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About Us

How It All Started...

So it was another chill day on Melrose and I was walking through a trendy, vintage clothing store trying to pick out a couple of choice tees. Searching, searching, and there they were...super cool...super sweet...and all me. A pimp Star Wars ringer sporting Darth Vader, and one super sexy, poster print of Farah flashing her red bathing suit. They were both used, but they were oh so sweet. The cutie punk cashier managed to utter, "$219.50", before she blew a huge pink bubble with her gum. "What! $219.50!" After all, these weren't even new shirts and the Vader had pit stains. I paused for a brief second and then pulled out my velcro Pac-Man wallet to pay my dues. I was really digging those shirts, but $99+ for a used iron-on tee seemed a bit ridiculous, and so AMERICAN RINGER was born.

We at American Ringer have scoured the universe in search of cool vintage and retro-style clothing. Nothing you see on this site is used and all items are extremely limited. Find a shirt that matches your personality, and take comfort in knowing that you'll probably never see anyone else wearing the same style tee. All items are original, licensed products. This stuff is hot! Whether you skate, surf, board, or bike, whether you are a rocker, gear head, cowboy, or tech...we have what you want, so check it out! "AMERICAN RINGER... because you can spill Kool-aid on your own shirts!"