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Thurs Aug 28, 2014
September is already almost here and it’s awesome! This past weekend was amazing including an eighty five degree Saturday here in So. Califonia. If that was any representation as to what type of summer we are going to have we’re in for a doo-sey! American Ringer tees were spotted all over Hermosa and Manhattan Beach. Get your favorite tees while you can because we’re continuously selling out of our extremely limited vintage goods, but always updating with new schwag setting fashion trends. The site is loaded with sweet-tees that will get you lots of attention. Moreover, you’ll never have to worry about running into friends wearing the same stuff… for real. Just try wearing one of our authentic Star Wars or Farrah prints and conversations will find you! Rock out and rock on with American Ringer Clothing Company and have a great and safe summer… oh yeah an don’t forget to hit the gym before rocking those g-string bikinis! ZODMEISTER Z.