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Fri Aug 15, 2014
What?!? Big Boss has lost him mind again and I think I love him! He’s hooked up all his AR associates with what he calls “super sweet stipends smoochees!” We’re basically getting another hundred bucks to spend on anything American! He made everyone actually promise that they’ll spend their Franklins on something American. I think I get it… Big Boss is saying that the only way for us to help each other is for us to ‘help each other!’ This guy is a freaking genius! I love him! Needless to say most of my dineros are going towards good ‘ol fashioned USA microbrews and Jack Daniel’s whiskey. God Bless America and everyone one of its citizens! Oh and to pass the savings onto you just I’ll give anyone who emails me directly this weekend ten percent off their order. Just shoot me an email after you order and if your purchase was before midnight Sunday I’ll have the cutie accountant in charge of charge backs hook you up with a 10% refund! EVEN if the items are already on sale! Yep… the Zodmeister is on his game! –ROCK OUT AND ROCK ON, GENERAL ZOD