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Tues Dec 24, 2013
Happy holidays! We hope y’all are having a very Merry Christmas and perhaps even an extra day off from work this week. American Ringer is still hooking up all our customers with sweet treats and unique collectibles. Try using some of your upcoming Christmas loot to purchase a rare vintage couture tee that will get you lots of attention. Yes, it’s true… even if you don’t want it you’ll get lots of looks just for wearing one of our tees, especially since you can only get them from us! Now that we have almost made it through Merry Merry, be sure to make Christmas Day a smash... enjoying loved ones and friends alike. And don't forget about making your New Year and alternate plans ASAP. Hiring a limo is probably the best way to go unless you have one of those rare party friends that just happens to be XXX or recently sober… granted they are few and far between but worth their weight in Goldschlager for sure. We’ll be around all week but printing doesn’t begin again until after the New Year. Stay healthy and eat lots. –GENERAL ZOD