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Wed Dec 18, 2013
Ten more days until Christmas! I can’t believe how quickly this month has passed. I hope everyone has gotten their shopping finished because we’re almost at D-day. Anything ordered this week goes out via USPS Priority airmail before the weekend. That means coast to coast you’ll still have your presents in time for Christmas! Moreover, anything ordered this weekend will ship the following Monday! We’re jamming and working around the clock to make this the best Holiday ever. The little elves are slamming spiked ‘nog and chasing it with Low-Carb Monsters. If you have any questions about sizing or colors just check out the Shirt info and FAQ pages. Or you can drop us an email and we’ll get back to you ASAP. And now for the more important stuff… PLEASE don’t forget to tip, tip, tip this Holiday season. Americans are working their asses off to try and give their families a nice Holiday. If you get a chance to give a few extra bucks to hard working citizens I’m sure the circle will one day come around to you again. Don’t forget that not-so-hot waitress, or the dude who washes your car, or that stoned fellow that always delivers your pizza “on time….” they’ll all need a few extra bucks this Holiday so please be generous. And when you order from us not only do you receive an ALL AMERICAN made product, but we always include a few extra treats for you… “What treats?” Let’s just say that our repeat customers are repeat customers for a reason. Happy Holidays and stay healthy from all of us at American Ringer Clothing Co. –PEACE PEASANTS, GENERAL ZOD