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Mon Dec 9, 2013
Woah, this month is cruising by faster than my last relationship. I can’t believe we’re into the second week of Christmas Month. The elves are jamming in the sweatshop and working almost around the clock to make sure your orders ship within a few business days. This means that with USPS Priority mail you’re more than likely to get your items within 3-4 shipping days coast to coast and probably only two is you live in either NY or Cali! Now that is some serious under-promise over delivery! I’ll have to make a brief confession and admit to recently seeing the most recent installment of Twilight. The fight scenes are actually super cool but the romantic drag is nut smashing. I fast-forwarded most of the flick after the first ten minutes of crap. I can see where chicks really dig the stuff but you also must realize that any dude who willfully watches and enjoys 100% of those movies is probably in need of a nice American Ringer Princess Leia t-shirt for Christmas. Shop until it hurts, buy American, and tip as many manual laborers as possible this year… we all need it and we all need to do our part. ROCK OUT AND ROCK ON –GENERAL ZOD THE PHILOSOPHIZER