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Wed Oct 30, 2013
Oh no it’s already Halloween and I don’t even have my costume picked out yet… been there, done that… ah shite! I’m going camping with some buddies and we’re taking a bunch of 250’s to explore. Although I love the South Bay for the holidays, and Zod the good 'ol boy sure does love the under dressed over intoxicated hotties, I think I’ll pass the tricks this year and my treat will be actually remembering the entire week! Besides, there is nothing cooler than motorbikes in the desert, filets on the grill, and a cooler full of cheap beers and low carb Rockstar! Except, maybe the hotties coming along with us... stay tuned my little kiddies... stay tuned... However, make sure to send us your Halloween pics in order to win a little bit of fame, glory, and one damn cool free t-shirt! ROCK OUT AND ROCK ON –GENERAL ZOD