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Thurs May 31, 2012
One word… Avengers! Another word… Awesome! This is just about the best thing to surface since sliced sushi. The cast is amazing and acting top notch. I must say the Mark Ruffalo and the Hulk were standouts. The comic spin and character persona that the Hulk received in this flick by far surpassed the first two Hulk solo films. I know America is now waiting for the next Hulk movie. Josh Whedon did an awesome job directing. His attention to detail and tiny Easter eggs keeps you guessing and thinking. All in all the great General Zod has seen it 3 times in IMAX 3D and twice in REAL 3D. If you have only seen this film once you may want to see it again, and make sure to watch both secret endings. I won’t spoil it for the late comers but the final ending is really hilarious. Another month another movie… can’t wait for Batman and Spiderman and Superman and Prometheus! STAY CHILLY –General ZOD the MAN of STEEL