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Wed Feb 1, 2012
The fact that it is already February just reminds me of how much I love V-Day. I hate the new wallpaper but I certainly do love Valentine’s! It never surprises me how many beautiful desperate woman hang out around the SoCal bar scene on that day in hopes of finding their significant other. A word to the wise people, “You ain’t gonna find love on V-Day… just lovin’!” If a guy buys you a shot on V-Day it’s just because he wants you to return the favor, and believe me he can buy his own shots! So it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to say if you are a “good girl” you should get together your posse of good girls and have a stag dinner and movie night. And ironically this is indubitably when you’ll run randomly into a super nice guy… and then you and your gals can all fight over who gets him! Cat fight! How cool! BE SAFE AND DON’T EAT THAT CANDY! –GENERAL ZOD CARES