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Tues Dec 6, 2011
My goodness the orders just keep rolling in… and the elves are working in the print shop around the clock to help make your American Ringer Holiday a success. I think that one burly fellow is hitting the noggin’ pretty hard again this year so expect some unexpected treats with your order as he loves to give away Big Boss’s mullah! And please stop asking about those oldschool Hasbro Transformers shirts because they are officially sold out. This stuff is rare and really doesn’t last too long so if you are looking for that special treat for the difficult to find gift getter than look no further and pick up your stash soon! Hmmmm… am I the only one who is stoked for today's release of Cowboys and Aliens on Blu-Ray disc? Maybe so, but at least I have three 12” Cylon figures in my collection and not one… afterall it takes three to fly a Cylon Raider. Jeesh, fine… "I know you are but what am I?" –PEACE, GENERAL ZOD THE BARBARIAN