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Mon Oct 24, 2011
Yeah! Living the dream… SoCal during the holidays is absolutely awesome. So Halloween is on the way yet again and I can’t wait to see how the Southern California Gals turn this year’s summer blockbuster superhero hits into something wildly perverted. Perhaps the Green Lantern with transparent pasties… Captain America wearing only his mighty shield... a female Thor with his ultimate accessory… oh jeesh… too easy! This just isn’t right… the Justice League and Avengers can’t be defiled by sexy SoCal sassies! However I feel that my efforts are hollow as I fear the tradition of making every cool costume into something sexy is simply a SoCal tradition that cannot be broken. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to get the new iPhone with easier and better digital photo capabilities before Thursday. If you can’t beat them, join them… and low light digital photography capabilities is a must! All I can say is long live the night… and Halloween is a five day party this year! Right? Five days you ask… how? OK… let me enlighten you... First, you start to pre-party Thursday night and carry that light buzz into Friday where you make believe you are being productive at work… then you beat your Saturday morning hangover by doing a few quick shots of Jameson… slowly nursing that into the evening and then rocking the same buzz straight into the night. Sunday is always funday so you wake up early and go straight to the gym wearing your leftover buzz. After a slightly less than productive chest workout, and absolutely no cardio, you jam home to have a protein shake and shower. Amazingly enough you look almost sober and slightly well rested enough to hit up Sharkeez for the mid-day games. Unfortunately the Bloody-Mary bar totally destroys you and you’re forced to return home for a quick nap before you costume up for Hallow’s Eve… and waking up wherever it’s Monday morning and the best day of all… and don’t forget to tell your Big Boss how awesome he is since he actually gave you Monday off with pay for being such a cool employee. Now all you have to do is recycle a costume and head back down to the pier. Did I mention that you have to have at least three costume changes this year? What a life… who lives this way? Not me… I’m sober and boring and currently clocking out… and going home to BBQ a steak. ROCK OUT AND ROCK ON! With ADHD ZOD!