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Mon Oct 10, 2011
October already and I haven’t even chosen my Halloween costume yet… or have I? OK I’ll let the cat out of the bag and tell y’all my genius idea for being a slutty Santa Claus. Just kidding, I think I’ll go as Tonto and my lady friend will be a sexy Lone Ranger. These won’t be ordinary costumes these will be hand tailored masterpieces. Our friends in the movie industry are coming up with actual props to help us along. I have already bought a brown leather holster to house my 357 Magnum… ‘cept I’ll be arrested if I carry in public so I’ll have to use a prop gun. Enough said… send us your pics of you wearing your Halloween costume for a chance to win some free schwaag… if you’re a chick the sexier the better unless you’re a dude then definitely send us the photos of you dressed as super fat Conan or ripped Lion-O. We’ve already sold out of many tees for Christmas and the Blu-Ray release of Star Wars has depleted our Trilogy reserves significantly, so shop early in order to get exactly what you are wanting. This is going to be the “Best Christmas Ever!” Rock out and rock on with American Ringer! Oh and a special shout out to all of October birthdays including Zodmeister himself Mattew and family member little baby Rose. Have a great Monday and remember to eat all of your vegetables and buy your Star Wars Legos Advent Calender! ZOD THE IMPOSTER