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Tues Sept 6, 2011
So who says summer is over?! I don’t think summer ever ends if you live in Southern California and if you wear rocking tees from American Ringer 365 then perhaps the summer won’t end for you either! Let’s recap the summer’s blockbusters and make sure you buy THOR on blu-ray on the 13th. Now I just have to convince Big Boss to buy a 3D HD TV for the office so I can watch some Marvel action in three dimension. Moreover don’t forget to start shopping early for Christmas because the superhero digs are selling out quickly with all of the cool revival movies. If you haven’t seen any of the new one sixth scale Hot Toys superhero figures go to www.SideShowToy.com and check out the Tim Burton Batman and Joker figures. They are sick! $500 might seem steep for a set of joes, but seriously look at the incredible detail and flawless sculpting. These figures are getting more and more expensive but cooler and cooler with every dollar. Start thinking about your Halloween costumes and start shopping for your loved ones early because time is passing quickly and the upcoming holidays totally rock! Rock out and rock on with American Ringer. WAITING FOR THOR –ZOD THE SUPERVILLAIN