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Tues Aug 23, 2011
Conan! Conan! Oh jeesh… I hear lots of mixed reviews about this film. I didn’t want to brave the ass to elbow crowds so I actually haven’t seen it yet. I think any film remaking a cult classic that originally starred the biggest action hero of all time was a risky move. However, casting a 6’4” Hawaiian monster as the ultimate Barbarian was a sweet move. I just hope he is all action and no dialogue. It just seems fitting that Conan is a more stoic man of action and few words. I’m not judging the movie until I see it and I sincerely hope for the best. Afterall, Conan is one of my favorites… who doesn’t love a pristine carded Mego Conan or Thor? Best toys ever… best life ever! I only wish Big Boss wasn’t hoarding all of the original Conan stash for himself. We sold out of the original prints for $750 a pop and now he refuses to sell anymore. I guess I know what to ask for Christmas instead of a bonus. I hope Big Boss is reading this because I really want an original Conan print on a sweet vintage soft black tee… super thin and super tight… oh yeah! Later skaters, I’LL BE BACK! ZOD THE DESTROYER